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Simplifies and wraps all Contacts Provider / ContactsContract functionality in a nice and simple Kotlin/Java API so you no longer have to deal with content resolvers and cursors.

The API provides:

  • Models for all ContactsContracts entities (e.g. Contact, RawContact, Data; name, email, phone, etc)
  • Create, read, update, delete (CRUD) operations for Contacts, RawContacts, Data, Profile, Groups, Accounts
  • Get/set/remove contact photo, thumbnail, starred, send to voicemail, custom ringtone, and default (primary) data
  • Link/unlink Contacts
  • Optional extensions for async work and permissions handling using Kotlin Coroutines
  • Planned optional support for RxJava and Kotlin Flow
  • Custom data integration

Framework-agnostic design. The core API will not force you to use RxJava, Flow, or any other frameworks. Just pure Kotlin/Java. Up to you how you want to use it.

Feb 12, 2022

Access to contacts is one of the most frequent use cases in Android applications. Even if your app is not a contact management app, there are various cases where you might need access to the device contacts (such as referring other users to the app).

For developers to access the device contacts, they need to use ContentProviders. This introduces a lot of frustrations and complications. For someone that has never worked with ContentProviders before, the documentation can be tedious to go through. The lack of a type-safe API leads to repeated errors, developer frustration, along with a waste of time and resources for the developer and the team.

Contact Store is a modern contacts Android API written in Kotlin. It utilises Coroutine's Flow to notify the developer for updates happening to the Contacts database.

Jan 20, 2022

An Android library for retrieving data asynchronously in the background from content providers and more.

Oct 24, 2020

Easy to use library for contacts aggregation.

Basic features

  1. Get all contacts from android device
  2. Get specific data from contacts
  3. Querying inside contacts
  4. Save new contacts
  5. Managing blocked contacts
May 15, 2020

Easily share audio, video, image and document files from raw, assets and drawable folders without any specific permission.

This library hides most of the boring configuration and implementation needed to share a file that is already in your project.

Jan 26, 2019

Android library to get contacts using RxJava2.

Jun 20, 2017

Utility for creating ContentProviders without boilerplate and with heavy customization options.

Sep 6, 2016

The Fastest Way to create a sql based ContentProvider in Android using annotations (No reflection).

Sep 18, 2015

Work easy with Android built-in and custom content providers data + Stetho extension + Sample app.

Aug 17, 2015

This library was designed for creating database using ContentProvider and for reducing complexity of database tables creation.

Nov 7, 2014

Automatically generate a ContentProvider backed by an SQLite database.

Nov 1, 2014

Android library for populating the ContentProvider with test data.

The library is tightly coupled with MicroOrm and Thneed projects. You need to annotate your data models fields with MicroOrm's @Column.

Sep 23, 2014

Modern API for SQLiteDatabase and ContentProvider.

Sep 10, 2014

RoboCoP is a Java library that can generate a fully-functional ContentProvider from a simple JSON schema file.

Aug 20, 2014

Android library for auto generating SQL schema and Content Provider by annotations. You will get a full-featured content provider in 5 minutes!

Aug 3, 2014

This project is a code generator written in Java used to generate Android code. Given a database schema JSON definition file, it will generate all the code you need to add the corresponding ContentProvider in your project.

Jul 5, 2014

A tool to generate an Android ContentProvider. It takes a set of entity (a.k.a "table") definitions as the input, and generates:

  • a ContentProvider class
  • a SQLiteOpenHelper class
  • a SQLiteOpenHelperCallbacks class
  • one BaseColumns interface per entity
  • one Cursor class per entity
  • one ContentValues class per entity
  • one Selection class per entity
Jul 5, 2014

sqlite-provider implements a ContentProvider for you that allows database access using Uris The library is meant to augment the ContentProvider interface to fit SQLite in a more pronounced way. The aim is to set convention on queries via Uris.

Jul 5, 2014

Easily make a ContentProvider from an annotated ContractClass.

Jul 5, 2014

A simple way to write ContentProviders and SQL Databases for Android Apps.

Jul 5, 2014

This is a library that easy to make using ContentProvider with OrmLite.

Jul 5, 2014

A nice little Android app that helps developers to discover and query content providers.

Jul 5, 2014