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About This Project

  • Helper for activating Admob
  • Implements all Admob versions
  • Contains example
Jul 9, 2021

HouseAds2 is a library for cross promoting own apps within own apps - for Android.

Aug 11, 2019

A library for cross promoting own apps within own apps.

Jul 1, 2019

A free, open source, third party Android library to cross-promote advertise of your own apps through your other Android apps. It has been built with the Kotlin language in the Android Studio IDE.

Dec 1, 2018

A simple Android library to cross promote your apps, websites!

Oct 5, 2018

SmartAd is an easy-to-use library for AdMob and Audience Network advertising frameworks on iOS and Android.

Oct 30, 2017

Mediation advertise helper for ADMOB, FACEBOOK - Support Native, Banner, Backpress Dialog, Front AD.

Sep 10, 2017

Admobadapter is an Android library that makes it easy to integrate Admob native ads (both Express and Advanced) into ListView/RecyclerView in the way that is shown in the following image/animation.

May 6, 2017

Get Appodeal SDK adding just a Gradle dependency line.

Jan 1, 2017

Simple builder in plain Java to create requests to the Amazon Product Advertising API.

Amazon challenges all developers that want to use their Advertising API. Especially the creation of the request URL is pretty complex. Therefor I've created this URL Builder, which allows you to create the request URL without having to read the Product Advertisement API documentation or study the used hashing algorithms.

Dec 14, 2016

Easy way to show AdMob ads in Android.

Oct 31, 2016

Many ad blockers exist on Android, this is a real problem for developers that rely on ad incomes.

This project proposes an open source library that can detect most of ad blockers. Then developers can display a dialog to inform user that an ad blocker has been detected and to propose, for example, to buy an ad-free version of the application or to quit.

Aug 20, 2016

A simple Android library that allows an ad slideshow to be added into any view in your app. A request is made to your server that hosts a XML file that lists urls for the location of ads to be displayed in your app. The images are then cached on disk for a simple slideshow to run through each image.

Nov 2, 2015

Android Library to check if there is an Ad Blocker enabled and shows a customizable dialog.

Jul 21, 2015

Pollfish is a survey platform which provides access to millions of smartphone users.

Jan 15, 2015

Mobile performance-based advertising platform that drives deep engagement and monetization opportunities for app publishers, while delivering valuable, engaged consumers to some of the world's biggest brand advertisers.

Jul 5, 2014

A hosted ad serving solution built specifically for mobile publishers.

Jul 5, 2014

Monetization and distribution platform, focusing on user engagement.

Jul 5, 2014

Performance based mobile ad network.

Jul 5, 2014

The latest generation in Google mobile advertising featuring refined ad formats and streamlined APIs for access to mobile ad networks and advertising solutions.

Jul 5, 2014

A leading global mobile advertising network that helps app developers monetize and promote their mobile and tablet apps with ads.

Jul 5, 2014