Nov 11, 2015
May 1, 2021 (Retired)
Jay Rambhia (jayrambhia)
Jay Rambhia (jayrambhia)
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Cropper - NoCropper

This is a lightweight Image Cropper for Android which also supports no-crop feature.

Version 0.3.0 adds pre-scale support!

Project Page Blogpost

Here's a short gif showing how it works.

And, here's a bit longer YouTube Video


It's a FrameLayout which contains a view for Grid and an imageview. This project supports only square cropping. CropperView contains some basic methods like setImageBitmap(), setMaxZoom(), setMinZoom(), etc which are forwarded to CropperImageView.

It's not an Activity or Fragment. It's just a FrameLayout which you can use anywhere and however you want in your app. There are some styling and customizations also available.

How To Install

JCenter / Bintray (Deprecated)

repositories {
    maven {
        url  ""


repositories {
dependencies {
    compile 'com.fenchtose.nocropper:nocropper:0.3.1'


repositories {
    maven {
        url  ""

dependencies {
    implementation 'com.github.jayrambhia:CropperNoCropper:0.3.2'


It's a square ImageView which acts as the cropper. It tries to keep the image in the range of max and min zoom. It automatically adjusts the position of the image, if it's zoomed out.

How To Use:


And that's it. CropperView is ready to be used anywhere in the app. No dependencies.

Useful Methods:

  • setMaxZoom(float zoom) set Maximum zoom
  • setMinZoom(float zoom) set Minimum zoom
  • setImageBitmap(Bitmap bm) set Bitmap
  • replaceBitmap(Bitmap bm) Replace Bitmap without changing the image matrix
  • setGestureEnabled(boolean enabled) Enable/Disable Cropper gestures
  • setDebug(boolean debug) - Debugging mode
  • cropToCenter() - Set Image in the center with square crop view
  • fitToCenter() - Fit Image in the center (no cropping view)
  • setPaddingColor(int color) - Set Color of square image padding
  • setMakeSquare(boolean status) - If you want to add padding in the cropped image (if cropped image is not square)
  • isMakeSquare() - Check if cropper will give a square image or not
  • initWithFitToCenter(boolean fitToCenter) - Cropper will fit image to center instead of cropping to center when bitmap is set.
  • getCroppedBitmap() - Get Cropped Bitmap - returns BitmapResult. Bitmap may be null if the cropper is unable to crop. If the user is in mid-gesture, it will return BitmapResult with null bitmap and State as FAILURE_GESTURE_IN_PROCESS
  • getCroppedBitmapAsync(CropperCallback callback) - Crop bitmap in background thread and get result via CropperCallback. - returns CropState. If the user is in mid-gesture, it will return State as FAILURE_GESTURE_IN_PROCESS else it will return STARTED to indicate that the process has been started.
  • getCropInfo() - Get CropInfo which you can use manually to crop the bitmap or use it to crop the original un-scaled bitmap.
  • release() - Remove and Recycle Bitmap
  • setGridCallback(GridCallback callback) - More control to you about when you want to show the grid.
  • getCropMatrix() - Get CropMatrix - Use this to restore the crop state of the image.
  • setCropMatrix(CropMatrix matrix, boolean animate) - Restore crop state of the image. If this is called right after setImageBitmap, it should be called with a delay.


  • nocropper__grid_color - Color of the grid
  • nocropper__grid_thickness - Thickness of grid lines
  • nocropper__grid_opacity - Opacity of grid lines
  • nocropper__padding_color - Color of the image padding
  • nocropper__add_padding_to_make_square - boolean
  • nocropper__fit_to_center - boolean - Fit image to center instead of crop when you set a bitmap


It's an abstract class for callback. The callback methods will be invoked on main ui thread. It has following methods.

  • onStarted() - invoked when cropping is started.
  • onCropped(Bitmap bitmap) - invoked when cropped result is available.
  • onOutOfMemoryError() - invoked when the cropper encounters OOM error while cropping.


It's an interface class for callback. You can control when you want to show this based on this class. It has following methods.

  • onGestureStarted() - invoked when user starts a gesture. Return true if you want to show the grid. Return false if you want to hide the grid.
  • onGestureCompleted() - invoked when completes the gesture. Return true if you want to show the grid. Return false if you want to hide the grid.


What is it?

CropInfo is a state of the crop which has data which can be used to crop the bitmap at a later stage. CropperImageView now uses CropInfo to crop the bitmap.

This state of crop can be used on a scaled version of the same image/bitmap. If you have a large enough bitmap but you don't want to load it. You can load a scaled down version of it, when user is done cropping, get CropInfo, apply CropInfo.scaleInfo(factor) which gives a scaled version of CropInfo which can be used to crop the original bigger image with the same crop bounds as the user chose.

It can also be projected for an un-rotated version of the bitmap. Eg. User rotates and crops the bitmap, but you want to crop the original (un-scaled) bitmap without having to rotate it. You can first "un-rotate" the CropInfo by using CropInfo.rotate90XTimes(int w, int h, int times) where times corresponds to the number of times the bitmap was rotated by 90 degrees clockwise. It will give you a projection of crop state which you can then scale and use to crop the original image.

How to get it?

CropperView.getCropInfo() will return CropResult. If cropping can be done, i.e. bitmap is loaded and user is not mid-gesture, CropResult will contain a valid value of CropInfo.


  • scaleFactor(float factor) - Crop info to be used for original un-scaled image. factor = original width / scaled width. Note: If your scaled down bitmap is rotated by 90 degrees, you would need to get the correct scale factor - which would be original width / scaled height. Check the sample for more details.

  • rotate90(int width) - Crop info to be used for original un-rotated image. width - width of the rotated bitmap => height of the un-rotated bitmap. I would advise you not to use this as it supports only if your bitmap is rotated by 90 degrees clockwise.

  • rotate90XTimes(int width, int height, int times) - Crop info to be used for original un-rotated image. width and height of the rotated bitmap. times - number of times the original bitmap was rotated by 90 degrees clockwise. Check the sample for more details.

How to use it?

Once you have obtained CropInfo and transformed it the way you like, use Cropper to crop the original bitmap.

Cropper cropper = new Cropper(cropInfo, originalBitmap);
cropper.crop(callback) # for async
# or
cropper.cropBitmap() # for sync

You can also use ScaledCropper. It will take care of scaling the cropInfo for you.

ScaledCropper cropper = new ScaledCropper(cropInfo, originalBitmap, scaleFactor);
cropper.crop(callback) # for async
# or
cropper.cropBitmap() # for sync


What is it?

CropMatrix is a state of the CropperView based on the translation and zoom of the image. This can be used if you are working with multiple crops or if the user paused the app and you would like to restore the exact position and zoom of the image in the cropper.

How to get it?

CropperView.getCropMatrix() will return CropMatrix. It contains scale, xTranslation and yTranslation. It's best if it's not edited manually as invalid values may lead to undesired behavior.

How to use it?

When you wish to restore the saved position, use CropperView.setCropMatrix(matrix, animate). animate is a boolean flag. If it's true, the image would animate from the current position and scale to the new one. If animate is false, it will go to the new position and scale instantly.

Note: If you want to call this method right after setting the Bitmap, you'd need to call it with delay (wait for the bitmap to load).

0.2 to 0.3 update note:

  • CropInfo has been introduced. You can use it crop original un-scaled or un-rotated bitmaps.
  • CropMatrix has been introduced. You can use it to restore the state of the image.

0.1 to 0.2 update note:

All the styleables are renamed to have prefix nocropper__ so as not to have collision issues with other resource attributes. By collision I mean, your app will not build if it has to resources attributes with same name.

Licenses and Release History


NoCropper binaries and source code can be used according to the Apache License, Version 2.0.