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Gradle plugin that generates Jacoco reports from a Gradle Project. Android Application, Android Library, Kotlin and Java Plugins are supported by this plugin. When this plugin is applied it goes over every subproject and creates the corresponding Jacoco tasks.

Android project

JVM Unit-Tests

  • Task jacocoTestReport<Flavor><BuildType>
    • Executes the test<Flavor><BuildType>UnitTest task before
    • Gets executed when the check task is executed
    • Generated Jacoco reports can be found under build/reports/jacoco/<Flavor>/<BuildType>.

Instrumented tests

  • Task combinedTestReport<Flavor><BuildType>
    • Executes the test<Flavor><BuildType>UnitTest and create<Flavor><BuildType>CoverageReports tasks before (JVM and instrumented tests)
    • Gets executed when the check task is executed
    • Generated Jacoco reports can be found under build/reports/jacocoCombined/<Flavor>/<BuildType>. Note that this task is only generated, if you set testCoverageEnabled = true for your build type, e.g.
android {
  buildTypes {
    debug {
      testCoverageEnabled true

Where <BuildType> is usually debug & release unless additional build types where specified. <Flavor> is optional and will be ignored if not specified.

For instance when having debug & release build types and no flavors the following tasks would be created: jacocoTestReportDebug and jacocoTestReportRelease.

When having debug & release build types and red & blue flavors the following tasks would be created: jacocoTestReportRedDebug, jacocoTestReportBlueDebug, jacocoTestReportRedRelease and jacocoTestReportBlueRelease.

Java project

  • Task jacocoTestReport
    • Executes the test task before
    • Gets executed when the check task is executed
    • Generated Jacoco reports can be found under build/reports/jacoco/.

In addition the plugin generates mergeJacocoReports & jacocoTestReportMerged tasks.

mergeJacocoReports will merge all of the jacoco reports together.

jacocoTestReportMerged will output an xml and html file for the merged report.

Works with the latest Gradle Android Tools version 3.4.0. This plugin is compiled using Java 7 hence you also need Java 7 in order to use it.

Set up


buildscript {
  repositories {
  dependencies {
    classpath "com.vanniktech:gradle-android-junit-jacoco-plugin:0.16.0"

apply plugin: ""

Information: This plugin is also available on Gradle plugins


buildscript {
  repositories {
    maven { url "" }
  dependencies {
    classpath "com.vanniktech:gradle-android-junit-jacoco-plugin:0.17.0-SNAPSHOT"

apply plugin: ""


Those are all available configurations - shown with default values and their types. More information can be found in the Java Documentation of the Extension.

junitJacoco {
  jacocoVersion = '0.8.7' // type String
  ignoreProjects = [] // type String array
  excludes // type String List
  includeNoLocationClasses = false // type boolean
  includeInstrumentationCoverageInMergedReport = false // type boolean
  xml.enabled = true
  csv.enabled = true
  html.enabled = true


Copyright (C) 2015 Vanniktech - Niklas Baudy

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0