May 5, 2016
Mar 16, 2022 (Retired)
Jay Rambhia (jayrambhia)
Jay Rambhia (jayrambhia)
Audrius Karosevicius (audriusKV)
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This is a lightweight library to show Tooltips dynamically in your app. This tooltip does not require any custom layout. It works out of the box with all the layouts.

Here's a short gif showing how it works.


Tooltip uses Builder pattern to created immutable Tooltips.


Tooltip tooltip = new Tooltip.Builder(contenxt)
                    .anchor(anchorView, Tooltip.BOTTOM)
                    .withTip(new Tip(tipWidth, tipHeight, tipColor))

That's it. It's that simple. You can customize the size and color of the tip to match color of the content view.

How To Install

JCenter / Bintray (Deprecated)

repositories {
    maven {
        url  ""
repositories {
dependencies {
    implementation 'com.fenchtose:tooltip:0.1.6'


repositories {
    maven {
        url  ""

dependencies {
    implementation 'com.github.jayrambhia:Tooltip:0.1.7-1'

Useful Methods:

  • anchor(View view) - set anchor view with position as Tooltip.TOP
  • anchor(View view, @Position int position) - set anchor view with position
  • content(View view) - set content view of the tooltip
  • animate(@NonNull TooltipAnimation animation) - set Animation for Show and Dismiss
  • withTip(@NonNull Tip tip) - set Tip of the tooltip.
  • into(ViewGroup viewGroup) - set ViewGroup into which the tip is to be shown
  • autoAdjust(boolean adjust) - if you want the tooltip to adjust itself if going out of bound
  • cancelable(boolean cancelable) - if you want the tooltip to dismiss automatically if clicked outside. Default is true
  • withPadding(int padding) - distance from the anchor and screen boundaries
  • autoCancel(int timeInMS) - if tooltip should be dismissed automatically after given time. If value is <= 0, auto cancel is off
  • withListener(@NonNull Listener listener) - Attach dismiss listener.
  • debug(boolean debug) - Enable debugging mode. Default is false.
  • checkForPreDraw(boolean check) - Check if the anchor is drawn or not and then only draw the tooltip


Tip is drawn as an isosceles triangle. The length of the base is defined by width and perpendicular length between top vertex and base is defined by height.

  • width - length of the base of isosceles triangle
  • height - length of the perpendicular from top vertex to the base
  • color - Color of the tip
  • tipRadius - Corner radius of the tip


TooltipAnimation just holds type of the animation to be performed and duration of the animation

  • type - Type of animation - FADE, SCALE, REVEAL, SCALE_AND_FADE
  • duration - Animation duration in milliseconds
  • hideContentWhileAnimating - Content of the tooltip will be hidden when it's animating in or out. This will not work if the content is a View and not a ViewGroup.

Animations are a bit tricky in this library. FADE and REVEAL are applied on the container of the tooltip with appropriate parameters. So if the container has some background color, it looks really weird. The same method can't be applied for SCALE because it doesn't draw the tooltip properly. So in SCALE, the animation is applied on Tooltip's content view (and if tip is present, it will be there as it is not part of the content view). To avoid this eye sore, you may use SCALE_AND_FADE, it does SCALE and FADE so the poor effect is not visible.

REVEAL uses Circular Reveal and hence is supported for API 21 and above.

CoordinatorLayout and Anchored Views

When a view(eg. FAB) is anchored to another view in the CoordinatorLayout and you try to draw a tooltip as that view as anchor, it doesn't work properly. I'm assuming that CoordinatorLayout first draws fab and them moves? I don't know. Anyway, an onPreDrawListener listener has been added and once the event is received, tooltip is laid out. By default, this method is not performed. To perform this method, use checkForPreDraw(true) while creating the builder.

Future Work

  • Customizable tips
  • Shadow
  • Improve and add more animations

Licenses and Release History


NoCropper binaries and source code can be used according to the Apache License, Version 2.0.