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Aug 4, 2016
Jan 22, 2024
Nguyen Hoang Lam (nguyenhoanglam)
Behrouz Khezry (bkhezry)
Nguyen Hoang Lam (nguyenhoanglam)
Serhii Bosovskyi (boss1088)
Peng Peng (brainsucker)
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An Android library that allows you to select images from the device library or camera with a handy UI customization.



  • Revert to parcelable's old methods due to the issue #158.


In settings.gradle file, add JitPack maven as below:

dependencyResolutionManagement {
    repositories {
        maven { url '' }

Add the dependency in app build.gradle:

dependencies {
    implementation 'com.github.nguyenhoanglam:ImagePicker:1.6.3'


Define an ActivityResultLauncher class variable in Activity or Fragment.

private val launcher = registerImagePicker { images ->
    // selected images
        val image = images[0]

Then launch the picker

  • with default configuration:
  • with custom configuration:
val config = ImagePickerConfig(
        isFolderMode = true,
        isShowCamera = true,
        limitSize = 10,
        selectedIndicatorType = IndicatorType.NUMBER,
        rootDirectory = RootDirectory.DCIM,
        subDirectory = "Image Picker",
        folderGridCount = GridCount(2, 4),
        imageGridCount = GridCount(3, 5),
        customColor = CustomColor(
            background = "#000000",
            statusBar = "#000000",
            toolbar = "#212121",
            toolbarTitle = "#FFFFFF",
            toolbarIcon = "#FFFFFF",
        customMessage = CustomMessage(
            reachLimitSize = "You can only select up to 10 images.",
            noImage = "No image found.",
            noPhotoAccessPermission = "Please allow permission to access photos and media.",
            noCameraPermission = "Please allow permission to access camera."
        customDrawable = CustomDrawable(
            cameraIcon = R.drawable.ic_camera,
            selectAllIcon = R.drawable.ic_select_all,
            unselectAllIcon = R.drawable.ic_unselect_all,
            loadingImagePlaceholder = R.drawable.img_loading_placeholder
        // see more options below


Configuration options

Option Description Default value
isCameraMode Capture an image from the camera instead of selecting from the library. If set to true, this option will ignore most of other options such as isMultiSelectMode, isFolderMode, customColor, customIcon... false
isSingleSelectMode Return single image array immediately after selecting or capturing an image. false
isFolderMode Group images in folders. true
isShowCamera Show the camera button. true
isAlwaysShowDoneButton Show done button even if there's no image that has been selected yet. true
isSelectAllEnabled Show select all images button (works if isMultiSelectMode = true). true
isUnselectAllEnabled Show unselect all images button (works if isMultiSelectMode = true). true
isImageTransitionEnabled Enable image transition. true
statusBarContentMode Status bar content mode. StatusBarContent.LIGHT
selectedIndicatorType Set selected image's indicator type. IndicatorType.NUMBER
limitSize Maximum number of images that can be selected. Int.MAX_VALUE
folderGridCount Number of folder columns for portrait and landscape orientation. GridCount(2, 4)
imageGridCount Number of image columns for portrait and landscape orientation. GridCount(3, 5)
imageSort Define images sorting type. ImageSort(by = SortBy.DATE_ADDED, order = SortOrder.DESC)
doneButtonTitle Done button's title. DONE
snackBarButtonTitle Snack bar action button's title. OK
folderTitle Toolbar title for folder mode (works if isFolderMode = true). Gallery
imageTitle Toolbar title for image mode (works if isFolderMode = false). Photos
rootDirectory Public root directory of the captured image. RootDirectory.DCIM
subDirectory Subfolder of root directory where the captured image is saved. application name
selectedImages Define images that will be marked as selected when launching picker. empty list
customColor Custom colors: toolbar, indicator... CustomColor(...)
customDrawable Custom drawable resources: back icon, camera icon, image placeholder... CustomDrawable(...)
customMessage Custom messages: no permission, limit size, error... CustomMessage(...)

ImageSort class

Define sorting for images

Property Description Default value
by Sorting type: date added, date modified and display name. DATE_ADDED
order Sorting order: ascending and descending. DESC

CustomColor class

Define custom color for views, type = String.

Property Description Default value
background Background color. #000000
statusBar Status bar color. #000000
toolbar Toolbar color. #212121
toolbarTitle Toolbar title color. #FFFFFF
toolbarIcon Toolbar icons color (this color will not be applied to CustomDrawable toolbar icons). #FFFFFF
doneButtonTitle Done button title color. #FFFFFF
snackBarBackground Snack bar background color. #323232
snackBarMessage Snack bar message color. #FFFFFF
snackBarButtonTitle Snack bar button title color. #4CAF50
loadingIndicator Loading indicator color. #757575
selectedImageIndicator Selected image indicator color. #1976D2

CustomDrawable class

Define custom icon for the toolbar's buttons, type = Int (resource id). 24dp icon size is recommended.

Property Description Example
backIcon Back button icon. R.drawable.ic_back
cameraIcon Camera button icon. R.drawable.ic_camera
selectAllIcon Select all button icon. R.drawable.ic_select_all
unselectAllIcon Unselect all button icon. R.drawable.ic_unselect_all
loadingImagePlaceholder Placeholder for loading image. R.drawable.img_loading_placeholder
errorImagePlaceholder Placeholder for error image. R.drawable.img_error_placeholder

CustomMessage class

Define custom message when something's wrong, type = String.

Property Description Default value
reachLimitSize Reached the limit number of images that can be selected. You have reached the limit number of images.
cameraError Failed to open camera. Could not open camera.
noCamera Device has no camera. No camera found.
noImage Device has no images. No images found.
noPhotoAccessPermission Photos and media access permission is not granted. Please allow permission to access photos and media.
noCameraPermission Camera permission is not granted. Please allow permission to access camera.


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