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Duration Humanizer

I have the time in milliseconds and I want it to become "30 minutes" or "3 days, 1 hour". Enter Duration Humanizer!

Adding to your project

  1. Add the JitPack repository to your root build.gradle file
allprojects {
    repositories {
        maven { url 'https://jitpack.io' }
  1. Add the dependency
dependencies {
 implementation "com.github.mirrajabi:duration-humanizer:$latest_version"

Note. Replace latest_version with the latest humanizer version published:

Basic usage

val humanizer = DurationHumanizer()
humanizer.humanize(12000) // "12 seconds"


By default, Duration Humanizer will humanize down to the second, and will return a decimal for the smallest unit. It will humanize in English by default.

humanizer.humanize(3000)      // "3 seconds"
humanizer.humanize(2250)      // "2.25 seconds"
humanizer.humanize(97320000)  // "1 day, 3 hours, 2 minutes"


You can change the settings by passing options as the second argument:

language and fallbacks

Language for unit display (accepts an ISO 639-1 code from one of the supported languages).
Fallback languages if the provided language cannot be found (accepts an ISO 639-1 code from one of the supported languages). It works from left to right.

Custom language
You can implement your own LanguageDictionary and put it in the languages map.

val customLanguage = object : LanguageDictionary {
    override fun provide(key: String, count: Double): String {
        return "${key}-unit"
val languages = mapOf("cl" to customLanguage)
val options = DurationHumanizer.Options(language = "bad language name", languages = languages, fallbacks = listOf("cl"))
println(humanizer.humanize(97320000, options))


String to display between the previous unit and the next value.

val options = DurationHumanizer.Options(delimiter = " - ")
println(humanizer.humanize(97320000, options)) // 1 day - 3 hours - 2 minutes


String to display between each value and unit.

val options = DurationHumanizer.Options(spacer = " whole ")
println(humanizer.humanize(97320000, options)) // 1 whole day, 3 whole hours, 2 whole minutes


Number representing the maximum number of units to display for the duration.

val options = DurationHumanizer.Options(largest = 1)
println(humanizer.humanize(97320000)) // 1 day, 3 hours, 2 minutes
println(humanizer.humanize(97320000, options)) // 1 day


List of DurationHumanizer.TimeUnits to define which units are used to display the duration (if needed). Can be one, or a combination of any, of the following: TimeUnit.YEAR, TimeUnit.MONTH, TimeUnit.WEEK, TimeUnit.DAY, TimeUnit.HOUR, TimeUnit.MINUTE, TimeUnit.SECOND, TimeUnit.MILLISECOND

val units = listOf(DurationHumanizer.TimeUnit.HOUR, DurationHumanizer.TimeUnit.MINUTE)
var options = DurationHumanizer.Options(units = units)
println(humanizer.humanize(97320000, options)) // 27 hours, 2 minutes
// You can also have your own custom units
val customUnit = DurationHumanizer.TimeUnit("o", 5000)
options = DurationHumanizer.Options(
    units = listOf(customUnit),
    language = "cl",
    languages = mapOf("cl" to customLanguage)
println(humanizer.humanize(97320000, options)) // 19464 o-abc


Boolean value. Use true to round the smallest unit displayed (can be combined with largest and units).

val options = DurationHumanizer.Options(units = listOf(DurationHumanizer.TimeUnit.HOUR), round = true)
println(humanizer.humanize(97320000, options)) // 27 hours


String to substitute for the decimal point in a decimal fraction.

val options = DurationHumanizer.Options(units = listOf(DurationHumanizer.TimeUnit.HOUR), round = false, decimal = ",")
println(humanizer.humanize(97560000, options)) // 27,1 hours


String to include before the final unit. You can also set serialComma to false to eliminate the final comma.

var options = DurationHumanizer.Options(conjunction = " and ")
println(humanizer.humanize(22141000, options)) // 6 hours, 9 minutes, and 1 second
options = DurationHumanizer.Options(conjunction = " and ", serialComma = false)
println(humanizer.humanize(22141000, options)) // 6 hours, 9 minutes and 1 second

Supported languages

Duration Humanizer by default has only English support.
If you want add more languages, you can include the following dependencies.

Note. Replace $latest_version with the latest humanizer version published:

  • Italian
    implementation "com.github.mirrajabi:duration-humanizer-it:$latest_version"