2.0.0 (Apr 15, 2022)
Apr 24, 2021
Jan 28, 2023
Faisal Amir (amirisback)
Faisal Amir (amirisback)
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About This Project (release-and-work-in-progress ????????️????‍♀️⛏)

  • Generator Aplikasi MicroNutrient
  • Pengembang Framework untuk Membuat Aplikasi Seputar Permasalahan Gizi berbasis Platform Android
  • General Framework for Application Development Around Nutrition Using the Android Platform, Skripsi S1 Muhammad Faisal Amir from Telkom University
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Version Release

This Is Latest Release

~ Beta Release
$version_release = 2.0.0

What's New??

* Multi Platform Library *
* Compose UI Multi Platform *
* Update Compose Component *
* List Item Compose Desktop and Android *
* Grid Item Compose Desktop and Android *
* Vitamin Function *
* NutriRecyclerView Update *

Screen Shoot Apps - Android

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Step 1. Add the JitPack repository to your build file (build.gradle : Project / Root)

<Option 1> Groovy Gradle (build.gradle)

// Add it in your root build.gradle at the end of repositories:

allprojects {
    repositories {
        maven { url '' }

<Option 2> Kotlin DSL Gradle (build.gradle.kts / settings.gradle.kts)

// Add it in your root build.gradle.kts at the end of repositories:

allprojects {
    repositories {

Step 2. Add the dependency (build.gradle : Module)

<Option 1> Groovy Gradle (build.gradle)

dependencies {
    // library nutrition-framework
    implementation 'com.github.amirisback:nutrition-framework:2.0.0'

<Option 2> Kotlin DSL Gradle (build.gradle.kts)

dependencies {
    // library nutrition-framework

Application Framework

User Manual Protocol

Test Case Framework


Research Data

Final Task (Tugas Akhir)

Telkom University Lecturers

Screen Shoot Apps - Desktop


  • Pattern Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) facilitating a separation of development of the graphical user interface.
  • S.O.L.I.D design principles intended to make software designs more understandable, flexible and maintainable.


Min API level is set to 21, so the presented approach is suitable for over 94% of devices running Android. This project takes advantage of many popular libraries and tools of the Android ecosystem. Most of the libraries are in the stable version unless there is a good reason to use non-stable dependency.

  • Jetpack:
    • Android KTX - provide concise, idiomatic Kotlin to Jetpack and Android platform APIs.
    • AndroidX - major improvement to the original Android Support Library, which is no longer maintained.
    • View Binding - allows you to more easily write code that interacts with views/
    • Lifecycle - perform actions in response to a change in the lifecycle status of another component, such as activities and fragments.
    • LiveData - lifecycle-aware, meaning it respects the lifecycle of other app components, such as activities, fragments, or services.
    • Navigation - helps you implement navigation, from simple button clicks to more complex patterns, such as app bars and the navigation drawer.
    • Room - persistence library provides an abstraction layer over SQLite to allow for more robust database access while harnessing the full power of SQLite.
    • ViewModel - designed to store and manage UI-related data in a lifecycle conscious way. The ViewModel class allows data to survive configuration changes such as screen rotations.
  • Coroutines - managing background threads with simplified code and reducing needs for callbacks.
  • Coroutines Flow - cold asynchronous data stream that sequentially emits values and completes normally or with an exception
  • Dagger2 - dependency injector for replacement all Factory classes.
  • Retrofit - type-safe HTTP client.
  • Glide - image loading and caching library
  • Compose - Compose for Desktop simplifies and accelerates UI development for desktop applications, and allows extensive UI code sharing between Android and desktop applications. Currently in alpha.
  • Coil - Coroutine Image Loader


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