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Custom dialogs with Lottie library.

Jan 7, 2022

Bottom Sheet Dialog acts as an Alert dialog.


  • add Custom view
  • able to change custom default Title, subTItle
  • show/off imo rating bar
  • on/off negative button
  • change color of positive/negative button
  • change name of positive/negative button
  • individual call back for each button
Jan 7, 2022

Android Library to create Lottie animation view dialog easily with a lot of customization.

Jan 2, 2022

A helper library for Android to display Dialogs by suspending the coroutine till finish of the dialog.

Jul 26, 2021

Dialog Fragments that take care to save and restore the dialogs state and also provided an easy way to handle dialog results.

Mar 20, 2021

A Beautiful Multipurpose Awesome Dialogs Library in Android using Kotlin ????

Aug 23, 2020

Another BottomSheetDialog for Android.

Jul 15, 2020

A beautiful design Android Alert Dialog, alternative of Sweet Alert Dialog based on KAlertDialog using MaterialComponent

Apr 29, 2020

SheetSelection is an Android library for display list and be able to select the item as a BottomSheet.

Mar 6, 2020

A powerful and convenient PopupWindow library for Android.

Mar 5, 2020

AndExAlertDialog is a dialog library like ios dialog with many more features that optimized for both ltr and rtl languages.

Jan 5, 2020

Android Library to implement animated, beautiful, stylish Material Dialog in android apps easily.

Nov 25, 2019

A beautiful and stylish android dialog to make your app looks pretty and boost your productivity.

Oct 25, 2019

A beautiful, customizable and interactive dialog for Android written in Kotlin/Java.

Oct 22, 2019

An Android library that lets you create a sweet interface dialog layout in a simple and easy way ,with different types which you can use easily without any boilerplate code and with a great flexibility to fit your desired user interface.

Oct 5, 2019

A simple dialog library based on DialogFragment

Sep 23, 2019

With this library you can easily use alert dialog in Android.

Aug 1, 2019

A simple message dialog for Android projects.

Jul 25, 2019

A bottom dynamic dialog for Android projects.

Jul 23, 2019

Filter Dialog Activity for Android Projects.

Jul 4, 2019

MaDialog is a simple material designed dialogs library that supports images too.

Jul 2, 2019

A curved-waved-animated BottomSheet. It uses Cubic Bezier Curves.

Jun 18, 2019

A new AlertDialog for Android is here. You can customize it as per your project requirement and use it.

May 25, 2019

Extremely simple to use and highly customisable stylish Alert Dialog.

Apr 6, 2019

AlertDialog for Android, a beautiful and material alert dialog to use in your android app.

Mar 25, 2019

An easy way to implement modern permission instructions popup for Android.

Mar 15, 2019

This library helps you to create bunch of alert dialogs with Lottie.

Mar 9, 2019

A simple library to display dialogs and dialog fragments on Android 14+ (ICS or above) devices.

It has some improvements over appcompat-v7 (or AndroidX) dialogs and share the same behavior and methods. It can be used with any UI/UX framework or library and also has built-in fragment class to display DialogFragment with ease.

Jan 8, 2019

Selection Dialog library that allows developers to simply single selection and multiple selection from some data list.

Dec 14, 2018

OoOAlertDialog is a custom dialog for Android applications. With the library it is possible to add image, change font colors and buttons.

Jul 7, 2018